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The King of Backwoods VR

After being killed in an ambush, Lampião, the most famous cangaceiro, finds out a new mission: return to Earth to hunt demons and set renegade spirits free. 

In this VR arcade-shooter style game, you need to defeat your enemies using the right weapons. 

Choose between heaven and hell guns to kill each kind of enemy. Use knife to cut magic spells. Are ready to be the best gunslinger?

About the pre-alpha

This alpha is free for a limited time, since the game still in development. Our community on Discord will help to build a great and fun game, join us!

A bit of history

Cangaço was the banditism phenomenon of Northeast Brazil in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This region of Brazil is known for its aridness and hard way of life on the Sertão, and in a form of "social banditry" against the government, many men and women decided to become nomadic bandits, roaming the hinterlands seeking money, food and revenge. 

The most famous cangaceiro of them all, the one who is often associated with the whole history of the cangaço, was a man called Virgulino Ferreira da Silva, also known as "Lampião" ("Oil Lamp",because, according to his fellows, he could shoot so quickly that he could illuminate the place).

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